Course Structure
The department of teacher education (BEd.) follows the cours structure as devised by C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur. In accordance with the revised norms of the university B.Ed. programme of our college follows the under mentioned framework of course4 which is divided into three parts. Students will, therefore, be assessed in terms of the weightage iven for each part:

Part-I: Core Papers
(All the four papers are compulsory and will carry 100 marks each)-
1. Teacher in Emerging Indian Society
2. Development of Learner and Teaching-Learning Process
3. Development of Education System in lndia
4. Essentials of Educational Technology and Management

Part-Il: Papers based on School Teaching Subjects
(Any two of the following- 100 marks each)
1. Modern Indian Language- Hindi
2. Modem Foreign Language- English
3, Classical Indian Language- Sanskrit
4. Method of Teaching - Social Studies
5. Method of Teaching - Physical Science
6. Method of Teaching - Mathematics
7. Method of Teaching Biological Science

Part-Ill: Practical Examination:
Practical components of the B.Ed. courses will be of 200 marks. The distribution of marks will be as follows
1. Observation of 20 lessons (10 in each subject) of the peer oups and block teaching (taking attendance, preparation of notice, fee receipts, etc.,
2 Preparation of teaching aids (one in each subject);
3. Ten micro teaching lesson plans (developing at least any five skills)
4. Preparation and administration of achievement test (adopting unit plan, unit test and blue print);
5. Two project based on action research (one in each subject).



Name of Course Subjects Offered
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Hindi Lang., Hindi Lit, Sanskrit, Geography, Economics, Pol. Sc.,
Name of Course Subjects Offered
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) All compulsory subjects.